General Questions

By putting GPS tracking devices in your grooming machines, SkiTrails can accurately map out which trails have been groomed. The report is generated automatically.
The map and report update every 5 minutes. If your tracking device can't connect (i.e. out of signal range), the report will update as soon as the device comes back online.

Tracking equipment

There are two main options:
  • SkiTrails GSM Tracker - hard-wired into your vehicle and sends via the cell/mobile network
  • SkiTrails Tracker iPhone app - use your iPhone as a tracking device by running our app. Just run the app and carry your phone while you're grooming.


If you have GIS data for your trails, it can be bulk loaded. Contact SkiTrails to discuss. If you don't have any data, the SkiTrails management portal includes a map editor where you can create your trail map. Traces from your GPS trackers can be used to properly locate your trails.
Yep. Both the way the trails are shown and the colour scale for the grooming can be adjusted.

Set up a computer with a web browser and a TV attached, and point the web browser at this address:

By default, if you have a logo, it will be shown on the map. You can move it, or hide it by adding a "logo" parameter to the address, like so:

Other parameters are:

on (default), off
off (default), on

Pricing, billing

There are several pricing levels, depending on the features you use, how many maps you need, and how many trackers you'll be using. Pricing starts at $499/year for the basic package. Contact SkiTrails for more details.
There are several ways the SkiTrails system can be made very affordable for small club operations. Contact SkiTrails for more details.