Strathcona Wilderness Centre

Strathcona Wilderness Centre Grooming Report

Trail Last
Bennett Lake Loop Closed Closed
Fox Loop 24-Feb 21-Feb
Owl Loop 24-Feb 21-Feb
Wagon Loop 24-Feb 18-Feb
Deer Run 24-Feb 18-Feb
Moose 24-Feb 21-Feb
Multi-Purpose 24-Feb 20-Feb
Old Ridgeway East 24-Feb 18-Feb
Old Ridgeway West 24-Feb 18-Feb
Coyote Run 24-Feb 18-Feb

Report at 25-Feb, 4:21AM MST

Skate lanes groomed Feb. 21; groomers will be out this weekend to keep the trails in top shape. As we are grooming in the evening, please avoid skiing during this time, as the freshly groomed trails need time to set-up properly so all skiers can enjoy. Bennet Lake Loop closed due to water on the ice surface- Comment last updated: Feb-21 4PM

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