Ribbon Creek Grooming Report

Ribbon Creek Area Last
Bill Milne (Kovach to Golf Course) 14-Jan 14-Jan
Bill Milne (Kovach to Ribbon Parking) 14-Jan 14-Jan
Coal Mine 15-Jan 15-Jan
Hay Meadows Trail 13-Jan 13-Jan
Hidden 05-Jan 05-Jan
High Level 13-Jan 13-Jan
Link 15-Jan 15-Jan
Ribbon Creek 15-Jan 15-Jan
Ruthie's 13-Jan 13-Jan
Skogan Pass 13-Jan 13-Jan
Skogan Pass Loop 13-Jan 13-Jan
Sunburst 13-Jan 13-Jan
Terrace North to Ribbon Day Use 15-Jan 15-Jan
Troll Falls 09-Jan 09-Jan
Kananaskis Village Area Last
Aspen 15-Jan 15-Jan
Bill Milne (Village to Kovach) 19-Jan 19-Jan
Kovach 15-Jan 15-Jan
Terrace Link 15-Jan 15-Jan
Terrace North 15-Jan 15-Jan
Wedge Pond Area Last
Bill Milne (Golf Course to Mount Kidd) 14-Jan 14-Jan
Bill Milne (Mount Kidd to Wedge Pond) 14-Jan 14-Jan
Evan Thomas Fire Road 14-Jan 14-Jan
Wedge Connector 14-Jan 14-Jan

Report at 20-Jan, 11:28AM MST

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jan 19* due to overflowing parking lots on the weekends Kovach Ponds parking lot has been plowed out to allow for more parking space. Trail users accessing Bill Milne Trail from the Ribbon Creek side are asked to park in Kovach Pond. This parking lot will also serve as an overflow for Troll Falls.

Jan 15 Kananaskis Village and Ribbon Creek trails groomed this evening. Conditions are good, though more spring like, and will vary depending on elevation, aspect, and use, amongst other factors. Ski with care

Jan 14 Bill Milne, Wedge Connector, and Evan Thomas renovated to loosen up the frozen rain affected snow, groomed, and trackset this evening. Though more spring like, conditions remain good, but as always ski with caution

Jan 14 Conditions are widely variable depending on elevation. Lower elevation trails have had a combination of rain, warm temperatures and a few cm of new wet snow. Expect conditions on these trails to be icy caution is advised.

Jan 13 All Skogan area trails groomed and trackset this evening and everything above the old Marmot Junction is in excellent condition. New snow depth quickly starts to build up at this point with upwards of 15cm new snow at higher elevations. Below this point ( Skogan Screamer, Lower Skogan ) expect to find the conditions very firm and slightly rough due to last nights rain at low elevations. Ski with care.

Please Note There is no bridge connecting the Evan Thomas Fire Road to the Wedge Connector. . Caution is advised crossing on the ice.

Please practice social distancing on our trails and wear masks in our facilities. - Comment last updated: Jan-19 6PM

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