Ribbon Creek Grooming Report

Ribbon Creek Area Last
Bill Milne (Kovach to Golf Course) 17-Jan 17-Jan
Bill Milne (Kovach to Ribbon Parking) 17-Jan 17-Jan
Coal Mine 17-Jan 17-Jan
Hay Meadows Trail 10-Jan 10-Jan
Hidden 10-Jan 10-Jan
High Level 10-Jan 10-Jan
Link 17-Jan 17-Jan
Ribbon Creek 17-Jan 17-Jan
Ruthie's 10-Jan 10-Jan
Skogan Pass 10-Jan 10-Jan
Skogan Pass Loop 10-Jan 10-Jan
Sunburst 10-Jan 10-Jan
Terrace North to Ribbon Day Use 17-Jan 17-Jan
Troll Falls 10-Jan 10-Jan
Kananaskis Village Area Last
Aspen 17-Jan 17-Jan
Bill Milne (Village to Kovach) 17-Jan 17-Jan
Kovach 17-Jan 17-Jan
Kovach/Terrace South 17-Jan 17-Jan
Terrace Link 17-Jan 17-Jan
Terrace North 17-Jan 17-Jan
Wedge Pond Area Last
Bill Milne (Golf Course to Mount Kidd) 17-Jan 17-Jan
Bill Milne (Mount Kidd to Wedge Pond) 17-Jan 17-Jan
Evan Thomas Fire Road 17-Jan 17-Jan
Wedge Connector 17-Jan 17-Jan

Report at 19-Jan, 4:46PM MST

jan17 5 to 10 cm of cold dry snow fell over the past week. The trails around the Kananaskis Village are all in excellent condition.

Jan 17 Bill Milne, Wedge Connector and Evan Thomas groomed today after 7 to 10 cm fell since the last grooming, as well as some drifting. Trails are in great shape. Caution the Kananaskis River may back up and ice over a section of Bill Milne between the Golf Course and the Nakiska access road. This can typically occur overnight with the right conditions so the ice may or may not be signed.

Jan 10 Skogan Pass system groomed today after 8 to 15 cm new snow. Excellent conditions but expect some pine needles from last weeks high winds mixed into the grooming. Expect some branches reaching into the trail on Hidden Trail and well as some tree debris.

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