Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Grooming Report

Pocaterra/Elkwood Area Last
Amos 18-Feb 18-Feb
Braille 23-Feb 23-Feb
Come Along 21-Feb 21-Feb
Lodgepole 23-Feb 23-Feb
Lynx 21-Feb 21-Feb
Meadow - VIC to Lodgepole 23-Feb 23-Feb
Meadow - Vic to Elkwood 18-Feb 18-Feb
Pocaterra 21-Feb 21-Feb
Pocaterra - Lynx to Packers 21-Feb 21-Feb
Pocaterra - PHut to Lynx 21-Feb 21-Feb
Pocaterra Grid 22-Feb 22-Feb
Rolly Road 22-Feb 22-Feb
Rolly Road Grid 17-Feb 17-Feb
Sinclair 23-Feb 23-Feb
Spruce Road 23-Feb 23-Feb
Wheeler 18-Feb 18-Feb
William Watson Lodge Access 23-Feb 23-Feb
Woolley 18-Feb 18-Feb
Boulton/Elk Pass Area Last
Blueberry Hill 25-Feb 25-Feb
Boulton Creek 05-Feb 29-Jan
Elk Pass Trail - N.Hydroline Jct. to Tyrwhitt Jct. 19-Feb 19-Feb
Elk Pass Trail - Trailhead to Hydroline Jct. 25-Feb 25-Feb
Fox Creek 19-Feb 19-Feb
Hydroline Trail 25-Feb 25-Feb
Lookout - North Side 18-Feb 18-Feb
Lookout - South Side 18-Feb 18-Feb
Lower Lake Group Camp 22-Feb 22-Feb
Moraine 18-Feb 18-Feb
Packers 22-Feb 22-Feb
Patterson 25-Feb 25-Feb
Pocaterra - Packers to Tyrwhitt 22-Feb 22-Feb
Tyrwhitt 18-Feb 18-Feb
Upper Lake Connector 25-Feb 25-Feb
Whiskey Jack 23-Feb 23-Feb

Report at 25-Feb, 4:15AM MST

Feb 25th, 2020: Monday brought intermittent flurries throughout the day, ending at about 22:00 hrs. A total of 2 cms fell in the north end of the park, with more falling at higher elevations on the south trails. The grooming schedule has changed slightly to accommodate the upcoming Cookie Race; The 300 metres of Elk Pass between Blueberry and Patterson was trackset on Monday night; Meadow was trackset from the Lodgepole intersection to Wooley on Sunday night. Caution Snow shovellers will be on Boulton Creek Trail on Tuesday during the day.

There has been some intermittent new snow since the rain event a few weeks ago, and conditions are returning to normal, though there is still a percentage of ice content to the base, with more ice in the mix at the north end of the trail system, and at lower elevations. There are also some needles and other tree debris on the trails in some places, and still some "snow bombs" falling, mainly at higher elevations.

Always use extra caution on Lookout, especially on the steep south side. Boulton Creek was groomed only on Feb 5th, however the tread is still somewhat uneven and bumpy. - Comment last updated: Feb-25 12AM

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