Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Grooming Report

Pocaterra/Elkwood Area Last
Amos 14-Jan 14-Jan
Braille 13-Jan 13-Jan
Come Along 17-Jan 17-Jan
Lodgepole 13-Jan 13-Jan
Lynx 17-Jan 17-Jan
Meadow - VIC to Lodgepole 13-Jan 13-Jan
Meadow - Vic to Elkwood 14-Jan 14-Jan
Pocaterra 18-Jan 18-Jan
Pocaterra - Lynx to Packers 17-Jan 17-Jan
Pocaterra - PHut to Lynx 18-Jan 18-Jan
Pocaterra Grid 17-Jan 17-Jan
Rolly Road 17-Jan 17-Jan
Rolly Road Grid 17-Jan 17-Jan
Sinclair 13-Jan 13-Jan
Spruce Road 13-Jan 13-Jan
Wheeler 14-Jan 14-Jan
William Watson Lodge Access 13-Jan 13-Jan
Woolley 14-Jan 14-Jan
Boulton/Elk Pass Area Last
Blueberry Hill 15-Jan 15-Jan
Boulton Creek 08-Jan 08-Jan
Elk Pass Trail - N.Hydroline Jct. to Tyrwhitt Jct. 15-Jan 15-Jan
Elk Pass Trail - Trailhead to Hydroline Jct. 15-Jan 15-Jan
Fox Creek 15-Jan 15-Jan
Hydroline Trail 15-Jan 15-Jan
Lookout - North Side 08-Jan 08-Jan
Lookout - South Side 08-Jan 08-Jan
Lower Lake Group Camp 18-Jan 18-Jan
Moraine 15-Jan 15-Jan
Packers 18-Jan 18-Jan
Patterson 15-Jan 15-Jan
Pocaterra - Packers to Tyrwhitt 18-Jan 18-Jan
Tyrwhitt 08-Jan 08-Jan
Upper Lake Connector 15-Jan 15-Jan
Whiskey Jack 18-Jan 18-Jan

Report at 19-Jan, 4:47PM MST

Jan 19th, 2020: After an almost 48 hour period with no new snow in PLPP, some light flurries moved in to at least the south half the Park on Saturday just as the night's grooming was finishing up; expect at least a trace of snow on all new grooming.

There will be some drifting and filled in tracks in some areas of the trail system from snow being blown around by recent strong winds. These winds, combined with a heavy snow load on the trees, continued to bring down more trees earlier in the week, as well as dropping "tree bombs," branches, and woody debris on to the trails: expect tree debris to be mixed in to the grooming in places.

Packers still has a few bumps and uneven surfaces on one short section about a third of the way down; there is also the possibility of some ice coming to the surface in this section. The northernmost section of Lodgepole has reopened, and the ice in the marsh is now thick enough for the snow cat; Pocaterra Hut to the Sinclair junction was groomed on Jan 18th. Lookout may have some uneven surfaces, especially on the sharp S turns- always use extra caution on Lookout, especially on the steep south side. Fox Creek and Moraine were trackset and all the fallen trees have been removed, however there is still a bit of tree debris on the trail and in the tracks in some areas. Trees may have fallen since the last grooming on Boulton Creek

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