Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Grooming Report

Pocaterra/Elkwood Area Last
Amos 24-Mar 24-Mar
Braille 23-Mar 23-Mar
Come Along 22-Mar 22-Mar
Lodgepole 23-Mar 23-Mar
Lynx 22-Mar 22-Mar
Meadow - VIC to Lodgepole 24-Mar 24-Mar
Meadow - Vic to Elkwood 24-Mar 24-Mar
Pocaterra 22-Mar 22-Mar
Pocaterra - Lynx to Packers 22-Mar 22-Mar
Pocaterra - PHut to Lynx 22-Mar 22-Mar
Pocaterra Grid 23-Mar 23-Mar
Rolly Road 22-Mar 22-Mar
Rolly Road Grid 22-Mar 22-Mar
Sinclair 23-Mar 23-Mar
Spruce Road 09-Mar 09-Mar
Wheeler 24-Mar 24-Mar
William Watson Lodge Access 23-Mar 16-Mar
Woolley 24-Mar 24-Mar
Boulton/Elk Pass Area Last
Blueberry Hill 27-Mar 27-Mar
Boulton Creek 17-Mar 17-Mar
Elk Pass Trail - N.Hydroline Jct. to Tyrwhitt Jct. 27-Mar 27-Mar
Elk Pass Trail - Trailhead to Hydroline Jct. 27-Mar 27-Mar
Fox Creek 17-Mar 17-Mar
Hydroline Trail 26-Mar 26-Mar
Lookout - North Side 17-Mar 17-Mar
Lookout - South Side 17-Mar 17-Mar
Lower Lake Group Camp 23-Mar 23-Mar
Moraine 17-Mar 17-Mar
Packers 23-Mar 23-Mar
Patterson 27-Mar 27-Mar
Pocaterra - Packers to Tyrwhitt 23-Mar 23-Mar
Tyrwhitt 26-Mar 26-Mar
Upper Lake Connector 23-Mar 23-Mar
Whiskey Jack 26-Mar 26-Mar

Report at 08-Apr, 1:36AM MDT

Vehicle access is temporarily suspended at access points to Alberta’s provincial parks and recreation areas for recreation purposes until further notice. The restrictions are in place to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We recognize this news is disappointing to park visitors and recreationalists. As the COVID-19 virus is serious, we encourage visitors to stay closer to home and go for a walk in their neighborhood, but always remember to practice physical distancing. If a car is required to access a park or recreation area, these areas will not be available so make other plans. Although, walking, hiking, biking, horseback riding and off-highway vehicle use are still permitted on designated trails, access points will be limited.

While the first few months of 2020 have challenged Alberta’s Cross-Country Skiing Community, we appreciate your continued support and hope to see you out on the trails again in the future.

Please practice social distancing and stay safe everyone. If you have any thoughts or photographs to share, we will happily receive them at the following email address: Comment last updated: Mar-27 5PM

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