Methow Trails Grooming Report

Trail Last
Aspen Loop 3 -
Beaver Loop 3 -
Click a Pic 3 -
Kraule 3 -
Lakeview 3 -
Magpie 3 -
Magpie Loop 3 -
Meadowlark -
Moose 3 -
Owl 3 -
Patterson Lake 3 -
Patterson Mountain 3 -
Ponderosa 3 -
Red Tail 3 -
Sunnyside Access -
Tawlk-Foster Suspension Bridge -
Upper Jacks -
Sun Mountain Last
Aqua Loop 24-Mar, 9:52PM
Beaver Pond 06-Mar, 10:17PM
Black Bear 3 31-Jan, 6:00AM
Blue Jay 06-Mar, 8:04PM
Cabin 18-Mar, 5:00AM
Chickadee 20-Mar, 7:03PM
Criss Cross 20-Mar, 8:28PM
Homestead 21-Mar, 7:59PM
Little Wolf 24-Mar, 10:02PM
Lower Fox 21-Mar, 7:59PM
Lower Inside Passage 20-Mar, 8:01PM
Meadow Lark 06-Mar, 7:43PM
Overland 20-Mar, 8:11PM
Rader Creek 3 -
Raven 15-Mar, 11:15PM
Rodeo 03-Mar, 4:10AM
Shortcut 15-Mar, 11:05PM
Sunnyside 15-Mar, 11:00PM
Thompson Pass 24-Mar, 9:01PM
Thompson Ridge 24-Mar, 9:22PM
Upper Fox 21-Mar, 7:59PM
Upper Inside Passage 20-Mar, 7:56PM
Upper Thompson Ridge 24-Mar, 9:11PM
View Ridge 3 15-Mar, 10:34PM
Yellow Jacket 04-Mar, 4:16AM
Winthrop Last
Barnsley Lake Closed
Big Valley (Inner Loop) 2 08-Mar, 8:00AM
Big Valley (Outer Loop) 2 08-Mar, 8:00AM
Bitterbrush 05-Mar, 6:55AM
Bob 02-Mar, 6:45AM
Fish Hatchery Loop 21 07-Mar, 6:45AM
Methow Valley Community Trail- Browns Farm to Suspension Bridge Trailhead 15-Dec, 1:11AM
Methow Valley Community Trail- Powers Plunge to Wolf Ridge 07-Mar, 6:45AM
Methow Valley Community Trail- Winthrop to Powers Plunge 07-Mar, 12:02PM
Methow Valley Community Trail- Wolf Ridge to Browns Farm 05-Dec, 4:32AM
Powers Plunge 07-Mar, 11:42AM
Winthrop Fatbike Snowshoe 231 04-Feb, 6:50AM
Winthrop Trail (Lower) 07-Mar, 6:45AM
Winthrop Trail (Upper) 07-Mar, 11:29AM
Mazama Last
Base Camp 02-Mar, 7:07AM
Cassal Cutoff 10-Dec, 4:44AM
Coyote Run 15-Dec, 5:04AM
Doe Canyon 02-Dec, 11:28PM
Doe Canyon Loop 02-Dec, 11:39PM
Early Winters 10-Dec, 6:46AM
Flagg Mountain Loop 15-Dec, 5:29AM
Founders Trail 15-Dec, 2:15AM
Goat Creek 14-Dec, 11:31PM
Goat Creek Cutoff 14-Dec, 11:41PM
Goat Wall Loop 15-Dec, 5:04AM
Inn Run Loop 15-Dec, 5:54AM
Jacks 10-Dec, 3:59AM
Johns Way 1 09-Dec, 6:35AM
Lower River Run 10-Dec, 6:41AM
Lunachik 2 25-Feb, 1:46AM
Methow 10-Dec, 5:29AM
Methow Valley Community Trail- Mazama to Freestone Inn 1 15-Dec, 3:08AM
Rattlesnake Cutoff 10-Dec, 6:30AM
Sandy Butte 15-Dec, 3:05AM
Upper River Run 10-Dec, 5:50AM
Rendezvous Last
Cassal Creek Loop (black) 15-Mar, 2:09AM
Cassal Creek Loop (blue) 15-Mar, 2:04AM
Cassal Hut 08-Mar, 3:55AM
Cedar Creek Loop (black) 22-Mar, 5:00AM
Cedar Creek Loop (blue) 2 22-Mar, 5:00AM
Cougar Bait 2 24-Mar, 8:22PM
Cougar Mountain Loop 22-Mar, 5:00AM
Cow Creek 2 24-Mar, 9:00PM
Cub Creek 22-Mar, 5:00AM
Grizzly Hut 21 15-Mar, 1:27AM
Grizzly Mountain Loop 22-Mar, 5:00AM
Grizzly Way 21 22-Mar, 5:00AM
Gunn Ranch 21 22-Mar, 5:00AM
Heifer Hut 16-Mar, 9:25PM
Little Cub Creek 15-Mar, 4:46AM
Lower Fawn Creek 11-Dec, 2:40AM
Lower Rendezvous Basin 17-Mar, 10:44PM
Lower Rendezvous Pass 2 24-Mar, 9:00PM
Lynns 14-Mar, 6:34AM
Rendezvous Basin 22-Mar, 5:00AM
Rendezvous Hut 14-Mar, 11:48PM
Rendezvous Pass 2 24-Mar, 9:00PM
Sick Joke Hill 11-Dec, 2:05AM
Upper Fawn Creek 11-Dec, 2:15AM

Report at 22-Sep, 12:28AM PDT

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