Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
Biathlon 20-Mar
By Pass 21-Mar
Centennial 22-Mar
Horse Trail 0 20-Mar
Kinnikinnick 0 20-Mar
Meadow 21-Mar
Meadow Trail 0 20-Mar
Moose Pasture 19-Mar
Mussers 0 13-Mar
Rock Slide Trail 0 20-Mar
Roy's Cut 0 20-Mar
Snow Bird 22-Mar
Spruce 22-Mar
The Glenn 0 20-Mar
Trap Line 21-Mar
Double Scotch 16-Mar
Jackrabbit 22-Mar
K-2 19-Mar
Landsem 22-Mar
Lower Cardiac 16-Mar
Lowrider 21-Mar
Roller Coaster 19-Mar
Shorty 14-Mar
Triple Bypass 08-Mar
Cardiac Arrest 14-Mar
Giddy-Up 14-Mar
Highlander 19-Mar
K-1 19-Mar
Larch Loops 14-Mar
Screwdriver 19-Mar

Report at 23-Mar, 4:32AM MDT

Friday March 22nd-- o degrees this morning which means it firmed up the snow last night.. The last of the clear blue skies are calling !!-- Brilliant sunshine and firm and quick trails.. Skate and classic have good coverage and variable snow conditions as the day warms.. Catch a few more ski days while you can.. A huge thank you to all the fantastic Volunteers,staff and executive which work hard to create such a fantastic facility for both local and visitors to the Kimberley area ! Well done !

Angela- Comment last updated: Mar-22 9AM

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