Kachemak Nordic Ski Club Grooming Report

Trail Last
7K Powerline Detour 21-Apr, 10:44AM 15-Apr, 10:48AM
Marathon Connector Trail 09-Apr, 1:27PM 02-Apr, 12:27PM
Lookout Last
Doug's Delight 10-Apr, 11:56AM 06-Apr, 9:10AM
Groggy Bottom 08-Apr, 1:39PM 06-Apr, 10:16AM
Hayfield Loop 15-Oct, 12:30PM 15-Apr, 9:38AM
Jake Brake 10-Apr, 11:56AM 06-Apr, 9:10AM
June's View 08-May, 8:58AM 08-May, 8:58AM
LO Trailhead 15-Oct, 12:23PM 15-Apr, 8:31AM
Marathon Loop 09-Apr, 11:44AM 09-Apr, 11:14AM
Milli's Loop 15-Apr, 10:31AM 11-Apr, 10:32AM
Milli's Moose 08-May, 8:58AM 08-May, 8:58AM
Phelp's Pholly 19-Jan, 11:04AM 19-Feb, 10:21AM
Schwiesow Stadium 11-Apr, 10:37AM 11-Apr, 10:37AM
Sprint Loop 15-Apr, 10:47AM 12-Apr, 1:07PM
Sprint Loop Connector 11-Apr, 10:37AM 11-Apr, 10:37AM
Spruce Loop 15-Apr, 9:40AM 15-Apr, 9:38AM
The Big Hurt 08-Apr, 1:29PM 06-Apr, 10:16AM
The Source 08-May, 8:58AM 08-May, 8:58AM
Tubb's Tuck 08-May, 8:58AM 08-May, 8:58AM
Wiest Beast 15-Apr, 10:43AM 12-Apr, 1:07PM
Wild Thing - Double Cross 08-Apr, 1:39PM 06-Apr, 9:16AM
Women's Wall 12-Apr, 12:52PM 12-Apr, 12:52PM
McNeil Last
1k cut-off 15-Apr, 7:37AM 29-Mar, 1:00PM
3k cut-off 16-Apr, 5:44AM 29-Mar, 1:00PM
7k Trap Door 21-Apr, 10:59AM 15-Apr, 11:13AM
Austrian Avenue 10-Apr, 8:46AM 15-Feb, 11:12AM
Big Dipper Flats 16-Apr, 5:48AM 31-Mar, 10:00AM
Eveline Connector 15-Apr, 9:58AM 15-Apr, 9:58AM
Maryloup 21-Apr, 10:35AM 15-Apr, 11:13AM
McNeil 7.5k Extension 15-Apr, 10:34AM 15-Apr, 10:34AM
Overlook 5k Loop 21-Apr, 9:50AM 15-Apr, 11:18AM
Powerline 30-Mar, 11:52AM 04-Mar, 6:03PM
School Loop 03-Apr, 10:52AM 11-Mar, 11:19AM
Shed Loop 16-Apr, 6:40AM 15-Apr, 11:24AM
Tree Farm 06-Apr, 10:22AM 11-Mar, 5:45PM
Eveline Last
Alpine Meadows Connector 30-Jan, 11:30AM 24-Jan, 4:00PM
Alpine Meadows Loop 30-Jan, 11:35AM 28-Jan, 11:06AM
Glacier View Loop 28-Jan, 11:06AM 28-Jan, 11:06AM
Muskeg Crossing 21-Mar, 1:00PM 21-Mar, 1:00PM
Perimeter 15-Apr, 9:48AM 15-Apr, 9:48AM
Baycrest Last
1 km cut-off 07-Apr, 2:34PM 21-Mar, 1:17PM
BayCrest Powerline Closed Closed
College Avenue 07-Apr, 2:24PM 06-Mar, 10:42AM
DOT Stadium 24-Mar, 10:59AM 01-Mar, 1:39PM
Demonstration Forest Trail 07-Apr, 2:34PM 13-Mar, 5:09PM
Dibble Creek Trail 24-Mar, 11:09AM 01-Mar, 1:49PM
Faceplant 07-Apr, 2:04PM 08-Feb, 12:50PM
Far Side 07-Apr, 2:19PM 03-Apr, 9:50AM
Headwaters Highway 07-Apr, 1:59PM 21-Mar, 2:22PM
Homestead Loop 07-Apr, 2:29PM 13-Mar, 4:53PM
Master Blaster 12-Apr, 11:17AM 13-Mar, 5:24PM
Midway Closed Closed
Perkins' Plunge Closed Closed
Raven's Way 06-Apr, 10:39AM 21-Mar, 1:07PM
Rucksack Closed Closed
Serpentine Closed Closed
Sunset Loop 21-Mar, 10:52AM 15-Jan, 8:00PM
Thru the Woods 06-Apr, 4:15PM 21-Mar, 1:17PM
Woodcutter's Trail 24-Mar, 10:59AM 01-Mar, 1:34PM
Wolf Ridge Last
N Wolf Connector Trail 30-Mar, 11:52AM 17-Feb, 11:08AM
S Wolf Connector Trail 30-Mar, 11:57AM 13-Jan, 10:47AM
Wolf - Eveline Connector 15-Apr, 9:48AM 15-Apr, 9:48AM
Wolf Ridge Access Trail 17-Apr, 12:02PM 15-Apr, 9:15AM
Wolf Ridge Meadow South Connector 15-Apr, 9:43AM 15-Apr, 9:43AM
Wolf Ridge Meadow Trail 15-Apr, 9:33AM 15-Apr, 9:33AM
Wolf Ridge Trail 17-Apr, 11:52AM 15-Apr, 9:25AM
Drop In Closed Closed
Swan Dive 06-Apr, 10:41AM 04-Mar, 2:49PM
Wolf Ridge Extension 17-Apr, 11:31AM 31-Mar, 10:00AM

Report at 24-Oct, 1:00PM AKDT

Lookout October 15 2021 rolled hayfields grassy snow skiable


Lower Baycrest April 5 Trails are still skiable. This week, at least until this weekend, the weather looks favorable for continued skiing. The recent melting has created many icy spots. Nighttime temperatures make for hard trails in the morning. The trails soften up in the early afternoon.

McNEIL 31 March 5K,Wolf Ridge,Wolf Extention, Maryloup,Big Dipper Ginzued this morning. All other trails should also be in nice condition since Snowcat groomed yesterday.

An updated version of the SkiTrails Tracker app is available in the App Store. For those who do not know about this app, SkiTrails Tracker is used by groomers to update the grooming reports here.

For those of you that are not groomers, the app can also be downloaded and used as a way to see where you are on the trails. It will show you your GPS location on the map along with all the trails. It is very useful if you are not familiar with our trail systems.

If you are a volunteer groomer and want to use your iPhone to report grooming here, and you need assistance: please post on the KNSC Facebook page and Bruce H will respond with help. - Comment last updated: Oct-15 2PM

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