Kachemak Nordic Ski Club Grooming Report

Trail Last
Marathon Connector Trail 17-Mar, 6:00PM -
Lookout Last
Doug's Delight 09-Dec, 7:50AM 09-Dec, 7:50AM
Groggy Bottom 09-Dec, 7:40AM 09-Dec, 7:40AM
Hayfield Loop 10-Dec, 10:02AM 09-Dec, 6:34AM
Jake Brake 09-Dec, 7:45AM 09-Dec, 7:45AM
June's View 13-Dec, 12:18PM 09-Dec, 6:49AM
LO Trailhead 13-Dec, 12:24PM 09-Dec, 7:50AM
Marathon Loop 10-Mar, 7:29PM -
Milli's Loop 30-Mar, 5:00PM 18-Feb, 1:08PM
Milli's Moose 09-Dec, 6:44AM 09-Dec, 6:44AM
Phelp's Pholly 09-Dec, 7:05AM 09-Dec, 7:05AM
Schwiesow Stadium 09-Dec, 7:35AM 09-Dec, 7:35AM
Sprint Loop 09-Dec, 7:00AM 09-Dec, 7:00AM
Sprint Loop Connector 08-Dec, 8:23AM 08-Dec, 8:23AM
Spruce Loop 09-Dec, 6:34AM 09-Dec, 6:34AM
The Big Hurt 09-Dec, 7:05AM 09-Dec, 7:05AM
The Source 09-Dec, 6:55AM 09-Dec, 6:55AM
Tubb's Tuck 09-Dec, 6:49AM 09-Dec, 6:49AM
Wiest Beast 09-Dec, 7:10AM 09-Dec, 7:10AM
Wild Thing - Double Cross 09-Dec, 7:40AM 09-Dec, 7:40AM
Women's Wall 13-Dec, 12:24PM 09-Dec, 6:44AM
McNeil Last
1k cut-off 27-May, 6:26PM 27-May, 6:26PM
3k cut-off 23-May, 8:47PM 23-May, 8:47PM
Eveline Connector 08-Dec, 1:41PM 27-May, 6:21PM
McNeil 7.5k Extension 23-May, 8:27PM 23-May, 8:27PM
Overlook 5k Loop 27-May, 6:03PM 27-May, 6:03PM
Powerline 03-Jun, 2:00PM 03-Jun, 2:00PM
School Loop 23-May, 9:12PM 23-May, 9:12PM
Shed Loop 08-Dec, 11:37AM 03-Jun, 1:40PM
Wolf Ridge Trail 15-Apr, 8:24AM 17-Mar, 5:00PM
Eveline Last
Alpine Meadows Connector 08-Dec, 1:31PM 08-Mar, 2:31PM
Alpine Meadows Loop 08-Dec, 12:25PM -
Glacier View Loop 08-Dec, 1:21PM -
Muskeg Crossing 08-Dec, 1:21PM -
Perimeter 08-Dec, 1:16PM 12-Mar, 2:58PM
Wolf - Eveline Connector 13-Apr, 11:13AM 12-Mar, 3:03PM
Baycrest Last
1 km cut-off 18-Mar, 9:45AM 06-Mar, 1:46PM
BayCrest Powerline - -
College Avenue 22-Nov, 2:20PM 22-Nov, 2:21PM
DOT Stadium 16-Mar, 5:30PM 13-Mar, 6:00PM
Demonstration Forest Trail 14-Aug, 3:20PM 16-Mar, 5:59PM
Dibble Creek Trail 08-Mar, 3:05PM 19-Feb, 1:26PM
Faceplant 14-Aug, 3:10PM 22-Feb, 5:00PM
Far Side 22-Nov, 2:40PM 22-Nov, 2:41PM
Headwaters Highway 22-Nov, 3:04PM 22-Nov, 3:04PM
Homestead Loop 22-Nov, 1:24PM 30-Jul, 7:40PM
Master Blaster 22-Nov, 2:50PM 22-Nov, 2:51PM
Midway 22-Nov, 2:40PM 22-Nov, 2:41PM
Perkins' Plunge - -
Raven's Way 22-Nov, 2:05PM 22-Nov, 2:00PM
Rucksack - -
Serpentine 22-Nov, 2:45PM 22-Nov, 2:46PM
Sunset Loop 10-Sep, 6:54PM 25-Feb, 9:48AM
Thru the Woods 18-Mar, 9:30AM 06-Mar, 1:35PM
Woodcutter's Trail 22-Jan, 1:14PM -

rain hard all nite,what base is left ,mite be skate skiid.very icy Harbinson Lane and parking lot.hopefully will snow later this week!- Comment last updated: Dec-13 5AM

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