Devil's Thumb Ranch Grooming Report

Zone A (Central) Last
Broken Barn 18-Jan, 9AM
Connector 17-Jan, 8AM
Left Field 18-Jan, 5AM
Meadow 18-Jan, 7AM
Radcliff 18-Jan, 7AM
Ranch Walk 18-Jan, 6AM
Stage Route 18-Jan, 9AM
Start Green 18-Jan, 9AM
Yager Loop 18-Jan, 9AM
Blue Extra 18-Jan, 7AM
Chambers 18-Jan, 12PM
Coyote 18-Jan, 8AM
Sawmill Loop 18-Jan, 11AM
Swindler 18-Jan, 11AM
Zone B (Black 10) Last
Molly's Meadow 18-Jan, 9AM
Homer's Heifers 18-Jan, 8AM
Devil's Falls 18-Jan, 8AM
Kikkan & Jessie 18-Jan, 9AM
Meander 18-Jan, 7AM
Monster Cookie 18-Jan, 7AM
Nor'Way 18-Jan, 10AM
Taylor's Traverse 18-Jan, 9AM
Wilson's Way 18-Jan, 10AM
Zone C (North) Last
Creekside 18-Jan, 7AM
Friends 18-Jan, 11AM
Ram's Curl 18-Jan, 12PM
Ute Camp 18-Jan, 11AM
Marker Hill 18-Jan, 11AM
Screamer 18-Jan, 11AM
Zone D (East) Last
Double Pole 17-Jan, 11AM
Hartshorn 17-Jan, 9AM
The LBC 17-Jan, 10AM
Disco 17-Jan, 10AM
Lactic Grande 17-Jan, 10AM
Little Cabin 17-Jan, 10AM
Sidecut 17-Jan, 10AM
Waxwing 17-Jan, 10AM
Wesley 17-Jan, 9AM

Report at 19-Jan, 5:30PM MST


We got some snow and a LOT of wind last night. We will be focusing on cleaning up the base and Zone A to start and then heading out to zones B and C.

-Air temperature at 8AM: 17 Farenheit

-Today's high: 20 Farenheit

-AM Kick wax: VR30

-PM Kick Wax: VR30

-AM Glide Wax: LF6

-PM Glide Wax LF6

Zones A, B, and C are groomed today.- Comment last updated: Jan-18 6AM

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