Crested Butte Grooming Report

Trail Last
CB Nordic Practice Loop 21-Jan, 3AM
Ditch Trail East 20-Jan, 9AM
Ditch Trail West 20-Jan, 9AM
Red Lady 21-Jan, 7AM
Skyland PO 21-Jan, 4AM
Tony's Trail 21-Jan, 4AM
Down by the River 21-Jan, 8AM
MM Connector 20-Jan, 7AM
Magic Meadows 1 20-Jan, 7AM
Magic Meadows 2 20-Jan, 7AM
Magic Meadows 3 20-Jan, 8AM
Mine Shaft 19-Jan, 3AM
Skyland CC 21-Jan, 4AM
Skyland Golf Course 21-Jan, 4AM
Sprint course 20-Jan, 10AM
Sprint turnaround 21-Jan, 3AM
Magic Meadows 5 20-Jan, 8AM
West Side Last
Kapushion 20-Jan, 5AM
Mike's Mile 21-Jan, 8AM
Pooch's Paradise 21-Jan, 8AM
Beaver Trail 21-Jan, 9AM
Inner Magic Meadows 3 20-Jan, 7AM
Lower Red Lady 21-Jan, 8AM
Upper Red Lady 20-Jan, 5AM
GB Loop 20-Jan, 7AM
Paradise Park 19-Jan, 5AM
Powerline 19-Jan, 7AM
East Side Last
Gulch Connector 21-Jan, 6AM
Rec Path 21-Jan, 6AM
Riverbend Trail 21-Jan, 4AM
Teocalli Connector 21-Jan, 7AM
The Maze 21-Jan, 6AM
Town Ranch 21-Jan, 4AM
Town Ranch Connector 21-Jan, 7AM
Middle Earth 21-Jan, 5AM
Rudy's Rollers 21-Jan, 6AM
Mordor 21-Jan, 5AM
Ruthies Run Last
Ruthie's Connector 21-Jan, 3AM
Ruthie's West 21-Jan, 3AM
Ruthie's East 21-Jan, 3AM

Report at 22-Jan, 3:20AM MST

Happy MLK day everyone! It is a sunny morning here in Crested Butte with a prediction of snow fall in the afternoon. Everything will be groomed today. Recommended skiing is Middle Earth and Mordor.

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