Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre Grooming Report

Competition XC Trails Last
Centennial 19-Jan 19-Jan
Olympic 19-Jan 19-Jan
Night Skiing Trails Last
Banff 18-Jan 17-Jan
Bow Teardrop 18-Jan 17-Jan
Lynx 17-Jan 17-Jan
Natural Snow Trails Last
Banff Loop 19-Jan 19-Jan
Banff Loop Junction #2-#5 11-Jan 11-Jan
Banff beyond Meadow 17-Jan 17-Jan
Cold Shoulder 18-Jan 18-Jan
Bow 17-Jan 17-Jan
Coal Cut 19-Jan 19-Jan
Grey Wolf 19-Jan 19-Jan
Meadowview 17-Jan 17-Jan
Osprey 19-Jan 19-Jan
Salt Lake 3km Cut-off 04-Jan 04-Jan
Wooded Bliss 18-Jan 18-Jan
Bruin 19-Jan 19-Jan
Bruin Cub 19-Jan 19-Jan
Chipmunk 19-Jan 19-Jan
Coyote 19-Jan 19-Jan
Flying Squirrel 19-Jan 19-Jan
Freddie's Flip 19-Jan 19-Jan
King of Sweden 19-Jan 19-Jan
Rollercoaster 19-Jan 19-Jan
Rundle 19-Jan 19-Jan
Salt Lake 10-Jan 10-Jan
Silvertip 19-Jan 19-Jan
Snowshoe Hare 19-Jan 19-Jan
Wolverine 19-Jan 19-Jan
Competition Biathlon Trails Last
Albertville 17-Jan 17-Jan
Lillehammer Loop 18-Jan 18-Jan
Nagano 17-Jan 17-Jan
Sarajevo 10-Jan 08-Jan
Salt Lake - Biathlon Comp 17-Jan 17-Jan

Report at 19-Jan, 5:49PM MST

Groomer Update: Dec 19: Grooming getting back to normal operations after passing of cold event. Recent groomed Natural snow trails will have shallow/broken track set due to continuing hard snow conditions, next few days will allow for better grooming penetration of snow pack.

Snow making update: Working on Frozen Thunder pit and Mass Start areas  Please use caution when accessing these areas as work crews are traveling on trails.

Note: The grooming team are piloting the live grooming software again this season - click the 'Live Grooming Report' link at the top of the page to see updates. There are currently some minor discrepancies visible on the live grooming report due to the way in which the trails have been set up as segments in the mapping software. When full trails are open and being groomed this should be mitigated. Refer to both trail reports for accurate information.

Event Notice - Please visit the CNC Event Page for a detailed schedule of events and trail closures. - Comment last updated: Jan-19 8AM

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