Caledonia Nordic Grooming Report

Dog Trails Last
Dog On It 19-Feb, 9AM 17-Feb, 6AM
Under Dog 19-Feb, 9AM 17-Feb, 6AM
Dog Bypass 19-Feb, 9AM 17-Feb, 6AM
Top Dog 19-Feb, 9AM 17-Feb, 6AM
Ski Trails Last
Bullseye Closed Closed
Gravel Pit Closed Closed
Greenway Corridor 19-Feb, 11AM 19-Feb, 11AM
Iceman 19-Feb, 11AM 19-Feb, 11AM
Penalty Loop Closed Closed
Pine Flats 19-Feb, 11AM 19-Feb, 11AM
Stadium Closed Closed
Supersprint Closed Closed
Tigger 19-Feb, 11AM 19-Feb, 11AM
Canada Cup Closed Closed
Fingers 19-Feb, 11AM 19-Feb, 11AM
Hickory Wing 19-Feb, 10AM 17-Feb, 10AM
Homecoming Closed Closed
Iceman Cutoff 19-Feb, 10AM 17-Feb, 8AM
Larch Loop 19-Feb, 11AM 19-Feb, 11AM
Northern Lights 19-Feb, 9AM 17-Feb, 8AM
Pond Cutoff Closed Closed
Race Maze Closed Closed
Teardrop 19-Feb, 11AM 19-Feb, 11AM
The Hub Closed Closed
Up The Creek 19-Feb, 10AM 16-Feb, 7AM
Chute 19-Feb, 10AM 17-Feb, 8AM
Cranbrook Climb 19-Feb, 10AM 17-Feb, 10AM
Eh Climb Closed Closed
Fir Thur Up The Creek 17-Feb, 10AM 17-Feb, 10AM
Hickory Wing West 19-Feb, 10AM 17-Feb, 10AM
High Five Closed Closed
Inner 5 19-Feb, 10AM 17-Feb, 8AM
Junior National 09-Feb, 11AM 09-Feb, 11AM
Lynx 17-Feb, 6AM 17-Feb, 6AM
Night Rider Closed Closed
Old Sawmill Loop 19-Feb, 7AM 17-Feb, 10AM
.Snowshoe Trails Last
AC/DC 3 - -
Curves 3 - -
Dirtbag 3 - -
Espresso 3 - -
Freeway 3 - -
Home Run 3 - -
Karma 3 - -
Midway (lower) 3 - -
Tin Can Alley 3 - -
Twister (lower) 3 - -

Report at 20-Feb, 1:38AM PST

Report @ 11:45 am Tuesday, February 20th 2019

Good Morning! Day 4 of the WPNSC!

Fairly quiet day on the recreational trails yesterday, might have had something to do with the temperature. The majority of the tracks and skating lanes on the flats have been reset late morning, so they will be in stellar condition for your afternoon/evening ski. Elsewhere the skating lanes have been massaged after this morning's snowfall.

Powder hounds: Further Up The Creek, Sawmill Loop, Lynx and National Junior will be your preferred playground for the next little while.

Please heed the trail closures and special access. Enjoy the atmosphere, and the beautiful trail conditions out there.

TEMPORARY TRAIL DIRECTION CHANGE For the duration of the Games, the top(south) section of Northern Lights will be a TWO way trail. This will enable skiers to make their way from the Dog Trails over to west section of the trails (Fingers, Pine Flats, etc), without having to mingle with the racers on the race-designated trails. Keep to the right, and use caution in both directions on Northern Lights, especially on the blind corners.

TEMPORARY ACCESS to GREENWAY CORRIDOR TRAIL & LARCH LOOP Follow Pine Flats west from Picadilly Circus. Ski past the west end of the orange fencing, and take your next easily accessible left onto the historic Pine Flats Connector. You can access the western section of Larch Loop from here, and/or carry on thru to the Greenway Corridor.

If you are feeling friendly, give the competitors a wave and a hi when you see them, whether at Otway or in town. It is always nice to feel welcome when you are in a foreign country! They may not speak your language, but a wave and a smile goes a long way.

Note: Parking lots 1 and 2 have buildings set up for the WPNSC. Parking available in lots 3 or 4, and the Dog Trail lot.

Temperature: -6 C @ 11:40 am.

Forecast daily high: Environment Canada Forecast

Weather: Cloudly. Near calm. @ 11:40 am.

Stride and Glide XC Stadium Weather Station: click here

Evening Trail Lighting The 15 km of trails equipped with lighting are lit from sunset until 9:00pm every night.

Please keep your membership or trail passes visible at all times during ski season. Do not walk on groomed ski trails.

WEBCAM view 1-Stadium West; 2-Stadium East; 3-Biathlon West; 4-Bullseye/SuperSprint West

WEBCAM time lapse (last 6 hours) 1-Stadium West; 2-Stadium East; 3-Biathlon West; 4-Bullseye/SuperSprint West

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