Caledonia Nordic Grooming Report

Dog Trails Last
Dog On It 25-Feb, 12PM 25-Feb, 12PM
Under Dog 25-Feb, 8AM 25-Feb, 8AM
Dog Bypass 25-Feb, 8AM 25-Feb, 8AM
Top Dog 25-Feb, 8AM 25-Feb, 8AM
Ski Trails Last
Bullseye 26-Feb, 6AM 26-Feb, 6AM
Gravel Pit 25-Feb, 9AM 25-Feb, 9AM
Greenway Corridor 25-Feb, 8AM 25-Feb, 8AM
Iceman 26-Feb, 7AM 26-Feb, 7AM
Penalty Loop 26-Feb, 7AM 26-Feb, 7AM
Pine Flats 25-Feb, 8AM 25-Feb, 8AM
Stadium 26-Feb, 7AM 26-Feb, 7AM
Supersprint 26-Feb, 6AM 26-Feb, 6AM
Tigger 0 25-Feb, 8AM 25-Feb, 8AM
Canada Cup 26-Feb, 7AM 26-Feb, 7AM
Fingers 26-Feb, 7AM 26-Feb, 7AM
Hickory Wing 25-Feb, 11AM 25-Feb, 11AM
Homecoming 26-Feb, 6AM 26-Feb, 6AM
Iceman Cutoff 26-Feb, 7AM 26-Feb, 7AM
Larch Loop 25-Feb, 8AM 25-Feb, 8AM
Northern Lights 25-Feb, 10AM 25-Feb, 10AM
Pond Cutoff 25-Feb, 10AM 25-Feb, 10AM
Race Maze 25-Feb, 9AM 25-Feb, 9AM
Teardrop 26-Feb, 6AM 26-Feb, 6AM
The Hub 25-Feb, 10AM -
Up The Creek 25-Feb, 11AM 25-Feb, 11AM
Chute 25-Feb, 9AM 25-Feb, 9AM
Cranbrook Climb 25-Feb, 10AM 25-Feb, 10AM
Eh Climb 25-Feb, 10AM 25-Feb, 10AM
Fir Thur Up The Creek 20-Feb, 8AM 20-Feb, 8AM
Hickory Wing West 25-Feb, 11AM 25-Feb, 11AM
High Five 25-Feb, 10AM 25-Feb, 10AM
Inner 5 25-Feb, 9AM 25-Feb, 9AM
Junior National Closed Closed
Junior National Connector Closed Closed
Lynx 06-Feb, 10AM 06-Feb, 10AM
Night Rider 26-Feb, 6AM 26-Feb, 6AM
Old Sawmill Loop 06-Feb, 10AM 06-Feb, 10AM
.Snowshoe Trails Last
AC/DC 3 - -
Curves 3 - -
Dirtbag 3 - -
Espresso 3 - -
Freeway 3 - -
Home Run 3 - -
Karma 3 - -
Midway (lower) 3 - -
Tin Can Alley 3 - -
Twister (lower) 3 - -

Report at 26-Feb, 8:01AM PST

Good Morning it's Friday February 26th, 2021

Skate lane grooming & tracksetting in progress.

Please remember, in these low snow conditions, it's more important than ever to not herringbone or skate over classic tracks. If you can't make it up a hill in the tracks, step to the side, and herringbone. This will preserve the tracks for other skiers.

Please make sure you're following provincial Covid-19 Protocols while using our trails. For more information on how we're making things safe for you, please visit our website.

Temperature: -1.7°C @ 5:00 am

Or if you prefer, check out the new Weather Station! Thanks UNBC Mosh Lab

Air temp, humidity, wind

Snow surface temperature

Forecast daily high: Environment Canada Forecast

**Weather: Thin cloud, a few flakes. @ 5:00 am

Please keep your membership or trail passes visible at all times during ski season. Do not walk on groomed ski trails.

We are having tech issues with our webcam uploads. The links will reappear here when the issue is sorted.

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