Caledonia Nordic Grooming Report

Dog Trails Last
Dog On It 20-Jan, 5AM 10-Jan, 5AM
Under Dog 20-Jan, 5AM 10-Jan, 5AM
Dog Bypass 20-Jan, 5AM 10-Jan, 5AM
Top Dog 20-Jan, 5AM 10-Jan, 5AM
Ski Trails Last
Bullseye 19-Jan, 6AM 18-Jan, 9AM
Gravel Pit 20-Jan, 7AM 05-Jan, 8AM
Greenway Corridor 20-Jan, 7AM 10-Jan, 8AM
Iceman 20-Jan, 6AM 20-Jan, 6AM
Penalty Loop 20-Jan, 7AM -
Pine Flats 20-Jan, 7AM 10-Jan, 8AM
Stadium 19-Jan, 6AM 18-Jan, 9AM
Supersprint 19-Jan, 6AM 18-Jan, 9AM
Tigger 0 10-Jan, 6AM 10-Jan, 5AM
Canada Cup 20-Jan, 7AM 10-Jan, 8AM
Fingers 20-Jan, 6AM 20-Jan, 6AM
Hickory Wing 19-Jan, 8AM -
Homecoming 20-Jan, 7AM -
Iceman Cutoff 20-Jan, 6AM 20-Jan, 6AM
Larch Loop 20-Jan, 7AM 10-Jan, 8AM
Northern Lights 19-Jan, 6AM 10-Jan, 8AM
Pond Cutoff 18-Jan, 7AM -
Race Maze 19-Jan, 7AM 05-Jan, 8AM
Teardrop 20-Jan, 6AM 20-Jan, 6AM
The Hub 18-Jan, 7AM 05-Jan, 8AM
Up The Creek 19-Jan, 8AM -
Chute 19-Jan, 7AM 05-Jan, 8AM
Cranbrook Climb 19-Jan, 8AM -
Eh Climb 19-Jan, 7AM 05-Jan, 8AM
Fir Thur Up The Creek Closed Closed
Hickory Wing West 19-Jan, 8AM -
High Five 19-Jan, 7AM 05-Jan, 8AM
Inner 5 19-Jan, 7AM 05-Jan, 8AM
Junior National Closed Closed
Junior National Connector Closed Closed
Lynx Closed Closed
Night Rider 19-Jan, 6AM 18-Jan, 9AM
Old Sawmill Loop Closed Closed
.Snowshoe Trails Last
AC/DC 3 - -
Curves 3 - -
Dirtbag 3 - -
Espresso 3 - -
Freeway 3 - -
Home Run 3 - -
Karma 3 - -
Midway (lower) 3 - -
Tin Can Alley 3 - -
Twister (lower) 3 - -

Report at 20-Jan, 11:57AM PST

Good Morning, it's Wednesday January 20th, 2021.

We're out grooming and cleaning off as much of the debris from the wind yesterday. Will report back in a few hours.

Please remember, in these low snow conditions, it's more important than ever to not herringbone or skate over classic tracks. If you can't make it up a hill in the tracks, step to the side, and herringbone. This will preserve the tracks for other skiers.

Note: A rough preliminary groom of Hickory Wing and Cranbrook climb was done over the weekend. It's rather rough, but skiable. Watch out for thin coverage spots as well as a narrow point about midway on Hickory Wing, A large tree was cleared and there is some surface water on the outer edge of the trail.

Please make sure you're following provincial Covid-19 Protocols while using our trails. For more information on how we're making things safe for you, please visit our website.

Temperature: -6 °C @ 5:30 am Or if you prefer, check out the new Weather Station! Thanks UNBC Mosh Lab

Air temp, humidity, wind

Snow surface temperature

Forecast daily high: Environment Canada Forecast

Weather: Clear @ 5:30 am

Please keep your membership or trail passes visible at all times during ski season. Do not walk on groomed ski trails.

Four WEBCAM views;

CNSC_1: Main Lodge; CNSC_2: Tech Building; CNSC_3: Biathlon; CNSC_4: Picadilly Access;

WEBCAM time lapse (last 6 hours)

CNSC_1: Main Lodge; CNSC_2: Tech Building; CNSC_3: Biathlon; CNSC_4: Picadilly Access;

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