Caledonia Nordic Grooming Report

Dog Trails Last
Dog On It 07-Apr, 6AM 31-Mar, 5AM
Under Dog 07-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 6AM
Dog Bypass 07-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 6AM
Top Dog 07-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 6AM
Ski Trails Last
Bullseye 07-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Gravel Pit 06-Apr, 8AM 29-Mar, 7AM
Greenway Corridor 07-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Iceman 07-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Penalty Loop 03-Apr, 8AM -
Pine Flats 06-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Stadium 07-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Supersprint 07-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Tigger 31-Mar, 8AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Canada Cup 07-Apr, 8AM 01-Apr, 8AM
Fingers 07-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Hickory Wing 06-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 8AM
Homecoming 07-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Iceman Cutoff 07-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Larch Loop 07-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Northern Lights 07-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 9AM
Pond Cutoff 07-Apr, 9AM 29-Mar, 8AM
Race Maze 07-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 9AM
Teardrop 07-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 7AM
The Hub 07-Apr, 9AM 29-Mar, 8AM
Up The Creek 06-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 8AM
Chute 05-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 9AM
Cranbrook Climb 06-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 8AM
Eh Climb 02-Apr, 9AM 02-Apr, 9AM
Fir Thur Up The Creek 04-Apr, 9AM 24-Mar, 10AM
Hickory Wing West 06-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 8AM
High Five 05-Apr, 9AM 02-Apr, 9AM
Inner 5 05-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 9AM
Junior National 01-Apr, 7AM 15-Mar, 6AM
Lynx 03-Apr, 6AM 15-Mar, 7AM
Night Rider 07-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 9AM
Old Sawmill Loop 06-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 7AM
.Snowshoe Trails Last
AC/DC 3 - -
Curves 3 - -
Dirtbag 3 - -
Espresso 3 - -
Freeway 3 - -
Home Run 3 - -
Karma 3 - -
Midway (lower) 3 - -
Tin Can Alley 3 - -
Twister (lower) 3 - -

Report at 08-Apr, 2:09AM PDT

Good Tuesday Morning.

More skate lane freshening where needed today. Withthe warm up yesterday, most classic tracks have suffered, They have glazed and then frozen up. They'll be FAST until they soften through the say.. We've got much warmer in the forecast this week, so take advantage while you still can.

We've pared down the amount of grooming that will be done daily, but we'll continue to provide the best spring conditions we can. Some trails will not be groomed everyday, and any closures will be noted on the report. Although, for now we still have pretty good coverage throughout.

Don't forget to keep your distance (at least 2m) and not congregate in the parking lots, etc. We have an opportunity to get outside safely here, so please be safe and keep it a healthy way to recreate.

Temperature: -2°C @ 6:30 am

Forecast daily high: Environment Canada Forecast

Weather: Clear @ 6:30 am

Stride and Glide XC Stadium Weather Station: click here

Please keep your membership or trail passes visible at all times during ski season. Do not walk on groomed ski trails.

WEBCAM view 1-Stadium West; 2-Stadium East; 3-Biathlon West

WEBCAM time lapse (last 6 hours) 1-Stadium West; 2-Stadium East; 3-Biathlon West;

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