Allison/Chinook Ski Area

Allison/Chinook Ski Area Grooming Report

XC trails Last
Camp Connector 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Loop A - Upper - -
Camp Loop A- Lower 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Shortcut 14-Mar 14-Mar
Jackrabbit 14-Mar 14-Mar
Lower Camp 14-Mar 14-Mar
Marten 14-Mar 14-Mar
Rainbow Run - -
Shotgun 14-Mar 14-Mar
Upper Camp 14-Mar 14-Mar
Bullmoose 14-Mar 14-Mar
Cabin Trail 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Loop B 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Loop C - -
Cedar 14-Mar 14-Mar
Cutline - -
Cutoff Trail 14-Mar 14-Mar
Hiking Trail 14-Mar 14-Mar
Mainline Loop 14-Mar 14-Mar
Mill Run 14-Mar 14-Mar
Upper Skidder 14-Mar 14-Mar
Whitetail 14-Mar 14-Mar
Dog Trails Last
Lower Haul (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Bypass (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Lower Skidder (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Saw (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Upper Haul (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Back Country Trails Last
Rabbit - -
Beaver - -
Choker Bypass - -
Otter - -
Choker - -
Deadman's Freeway - -

Report at 20-Nov, 4:22AM MST

Trail update: November 10, 2019 The Crowsnest Nordic Ski Club will be doing trail maintenance on the Allison Chinook ski trails between November 12 - 15 and November 18 – 22. Expect workers and machinery on trails between these dates. For your safety, trail sections may be closed while work is going on. Watch for caution signs and trail closures and please avoid trails where work is being done. Your cooperation is appreciated. When the Allison Chinook campground access road is closed for the winter on December 1, official grooming activity can begin. However, we need enough snow to cover the gravel so we can move the snowmobiles up and down the road without damage. Once that happens, usually there is more snow higher up and grooming can begin. Mark your calendars and start the snow dance on November 23. See you on the trails.

Live grooming reports provided by Crowsnest Nordic Ski Club with support from Alberta Parks

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