Allison/Chinook Ski Area

Allison/Chinook Ski Area Grooming Report

XC trails Last
Camp Connector 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Loop A - Upper 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Loop A- Lower 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Shortcut 14-Mar 14-Mar
Jackrabbit 14-Mar 14-Mar
Lower Camp 14-Mar 14-Mar
Marten 0 14-Mar 14-Mar
Rainbow Run 14-Mar 14-Mar
Shotgun 14-Mar 14-Mar
Upper Camp 14-Mar 14-Mar
Bullmoose 0 14-Mar 14-Mar
Cabin Trail 0 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Loop B 14-Mar 14-Mar
Camp Loop C 14-Mar 14-Mar
Cedar 0 14-Mar 14-Mar
Cutine 0 14-Mar 14-Mar
Cutoff Trail 0 14-Mar 14-Mar
Hiking Trail 0 14-Mar 14-Mar
Mainline Loop 14-Mar 14-Mar
Mill Run 14-Mar 14-Mar
Upper Skidder 14-Mar 14-Mar
Whitetail 14-Mar 14-Mar
Dog Trails Last
Lower Haul (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Bypass (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Lower Skidder (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Saw (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Upper Haul (Dogs) 13-Mar -
Back Country Trails Last
Rabbit - -
Beaver - -
Choker Bypass - -
Otter - -
Choker - -
Deadman's Freeway - -

Report at 19-Oct, 6:35PM MDT

October 12, 2019

Grooming Report:

Ski trail grooming will not begin until late November if snow conditions allow. Early season preparations are underway for equipment and trail maintenance.

We are having a trail work day on October 19 at 9:30 am. We need to replace the shingles on our ski storage shed and walk the trails to remove stray rocks and debris in preparation for trail brushing.

We'll meet out at the Allison parking lot by the snowmobile shed near the fish hatchery at 9:30 am. We'll break into groups and plan our activity. Stay as long as you are able but our official work day will end by 3 pm.

Dress for the weather, bring water, snacks, lunch if you're staying that long and work gloves. Also, bring hand tools for trimming stray branches alongside trails. Chainsaws and power tools can only be used by those with proper certification.

Hope to see you out at Allison.

Live grooming reports provided by Crowsnest Nordic Ski Club with support from Alberta Parks

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