Allison/Chinook Ski Area

Allison/Chinook Ski Area Grooming Report

XC trails Last
Camp Connector 27-Mar 24-Mar
Camp Loop A - Upper 27-Mar 24-Mar
Camp Loop A- Lower 27-Mar 24-Mar
Camp Shortcut 27-Mar 24-Mar
Jackrabbit 27-Mar 24-Mar
Lower Camp 27-Mar 24-Mar
Marten 27-Mar 24-Mar
Rainbow Run 27-Mar 24-Mar
Shotgun 27-Mar 24-Mar
Upper Camp 27-Mar 24-Mar
Bullmoose 27-Mar 24-Mar
Cabin Trail 27-Mar 24-Mar
Camp Loop B 27-Mar 24-Mar
Camp Loop C 27-Mar 24-Mar
Cedar 27-Mar 24-Mar
Cutline 27-Mar 24-Mar
Cutoff Trail 27-Mar 24-Mar
Hiking Trail 27-Mar 24-Mar
Mainline Loop 27-Mar 24-Mar
Mill Run 27-Mar 24-Mar
Upper Skidder 27-Mar 24-Mar
Whitetail 27-Mar 24-Mar
Dog Trails Last
Lower Haul (Dogs) 27-Mar -
Bypass (Dogs) 27-Mar -
Lower Skidder (Dogs) 15-Mar -
Saw (Dogs) 27-Mar -
Upper Haul (Dogs) 27-Dec -
Snowshoe-FatBike Last
Mainline snowshoe-fatbike-hike - -
Creekside- Snowshoe fat bike 0 12-Mar -
Otter Snowshoe - -
Rainbow Snowshoe/Fat Bike 0 15-Mar -
Backcountry trails Last
Rabbit - -
Beaver - -
Choker Bypass - -
Choker - -
Deadman's Freeway - -

Report at 08-Apr, 1:54AM MDT

Grooming report April 1, 2020.

All ski trail grooming has been suspended for the 2019-2020 season.

The washrooms and warming hut at Allison Day Use area are closed as per the Chief Medical Officer’s direction. You likely will also see barricades being placed in the parking area but not blocking the roadway.

Access to public lands remains open however parking lots and staging areas will be closed. Please follow the direction of Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer for COVID-19 safety protocol.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped keep our trails in great condition this winter so you could have wonderful skiing this winter.

If the COVID-19 situation allows, we will be organizing work parties to work on ski and snowshoe trails this summer and fall. We will notify you if we are able to do that. Have a great summer. See you on the trails next fall.

Live grooming reports provided by Crowsnest Nordic Ski Club with support from Alberta Parks

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