Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Grooming Report

Pocaterra/Elkwood Area Last
Amos 13-Apr 13-Apr
Braille 10-Apr 10-Apr
Come Along 08-Apr 08-Apr
Lodgepole 10-Apr 10-Apr
Lynx 13-Apr 13-Apr
Meadow - VIC to Lodgepole 10-Apr 10-Apr
Meadow - Vic to Elkwood 10-Apr 10-Apr
Pocaterra 08-Apr 08-Apr
Pocaterra - Lynx to Packers 14-Apr 14-Apr
Pocaterra - PHut to Lynx 08-Apr 08-Apr
Pocaterra Grid 08-Apr 08-Apr
Rolly Road 08-Apr 08-Apr
Rolly Road Grid 08-Apr 08-Apr
Sinclair 10-Apr 10-Apr
Spruce Road 10-Apr 10-Apr
Wheeler 13-Apr 13-Apr
William Watson Lodge Access 10-Apr 10-Apr
Woolley 10-Apr 10-Apr
Boulton/Elk Pass Area Last
Blueberry Hill 16-Apr 16-Apr
Boulton Creek 13-Apr 13-Apr
Elk Pass Trail - N.Hydroline Jct. to Tyrwhitt Jct. 16-Apr 16-Apr
Elk Pass Trail - Trailhead to Hydroline Jct. 16-Apr 16-Apr
Fox Creek 13-Apr 13-Apr
Hydroline Trail 16-Apr 16-Apr
Lookout - North Side 17-Apr 17-Apr
Lookout - South Side 13-Apr 13-Apr
Lower Lake Group Camp 09-Apr 09-Apr
Moraine 13-Apr 13-Apr
Packers 17-Apr 17-Apr
Patterson 15-Apr 15-Apr
Pocaterra - Packers to Tyrwhitt 17-Apr 17-Apr
Tyrwhitt 17-Apr 17-Apr
Upper Lake Connector 15-Apr 15-Apr
Whiskey Jack 17-Apr 17-Apr

April 20: Grooming has now concluded for the season. The campground roads have now been plowed; this affects a number or trails which will now have extra road crossings and/or parts of the trail plowed to pavement. These trails include Wheeler, Whiskey Jack, Morraine, and Sinclair. Be BEAR aware, they are out and about in the Peter Lougheed Park area.

Spring conditions exist, and with temperatures generally rising above freezing during the day, expect possible icy conditions on the trails, or under new snow, especially in the mornings, softening if and when temperatures climb above the freezing mark. Bare spots have started to encroach on to the trails, especially in the north end of the trail system, as the base is much deeper and conditions generally less icy further south and at higher elevations; bare could soon be anywhere in the Park. Ice flows and slush are starting to appear as the snow pack shrinks; ice flows are likely on but not limited to: Packers at about the halfway point, Amos west of the Lynx junction, Rolly Rd north of the group camp, Come Along south of the group camp, and just east of the Lower Lake Group junction. Also expect possible "snow bombs" and other tree debris on the trails.
No dogs allowed- Comment last updated: Apr-20 2PM

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