Methow Trails Grooming Report

Sun Mountain Last
Aqua Loop 31-Mar, 7:08PM
Beaver Pond Closed
Black Bear 3 Closed
Blue Jay 17-Mar, 10:36PM
Cabin Closed
Chickadee Closed
Criss Cross Closed
Homestead 31-Mar, 7:44PM
Little Wolf 31-Mar, 8:06PM
Lower Fox 31-Mar, 7:23PM
Lower Inside Passage 31-Mar, 9:20PM
Meadow Lark Closed
Overland Closed
Raven Closed
Rodeo Closed
Shortcut Closed
Sunnyside Closed
Thompson Pass 31-Mar, 9:00PM
Thompson Ridge 31-Mar, 10:02PM
Upper Fox 31-Mar, 7:56PM
Upper Inside Passage 31-Mar, 9:30PM
Upper Thompson Ridge 31-Mar, 9:47PM
View Ridge Closed
Yellow Jacket Closed
Winthrop Last
Barnsley Lake Closed
Big Valley (Inner Loop) 2 Closed
Big Valley (Outer Loop) 2 Closed
Bitterbrush Closed
Bob Closed
Fish Hatchery Loop 21 Closed
Methow Valley Community Trail- Browns Farm to Suspension Bridge Trailhead Closed
Methow Valley Community Trail- Powers Plunge to Wolf Ridge Closed
Methow Valley Community Trail- Winthrop to Powers Plunge Closed
Methow Valley Community Trail- Wolf Ridge to Browns Farm Closed
Powers Plunge Closed
Spring Creek Ranch Loop Closed
Winthrop Fatbike Snowshoe 31 Closed
Winthrop Trail (Lower) Closed
Winthrop Trail (Upper) Closed
Mazama Last
Base Camp Closed
Cassal Cutoff Closed
Coyote Run Closed
Doe Canyon Closed
Doe Canyon Loop Closed
Early Winters Closed
Flagg Mountain Loop Closed
Founders Trail Closed
Goat Creek Closed
Goat Creek Cutoff Closed
Goat Wall Loop Closed
Inn Run Loop Closed
Jacks Closed
Johns Way 1 Closed
Lower River Run Closed
Lunachik 2 Closed
Methow Closed
Methow Valley Community Trail- Mazama to Freestone Inn 1 Closed
Rattlesnake Cutoff Closed
Sandy Butte Closed
Upper River Run Closed
Rendezvous Last
Cassal Creek Loop (black) Closed
Cassal Creek Loop (blue) 30-Mar, 9:58PM
Cassal Hut Closed
Cedar Creek Loop (black) 31-Mar, 7:22PM
Cedar Creek Loop (blue) 2 31-Mar, 7:09PM
Cougar Bait 2 31-Mar, 6:39PM
Cougar Mountain Loop 31-Mar, 9:49PM
Cow Creek 2 31-Mar, 7:45PM
Cub Creek Closed
Grizzly Hut 21 17-Mar, 10:45PM
Grizzly Mountain Loop 31-Mar, 8:47PM
Grizzly Way 21 31-Mar, 8:38PM
Gunn Ranch 21 Closed
Heifer Hut 17-Mar, 6:53PM
Little Cub Creek Closed
Lower Fawn Creek Closed
Lower Rendezvous Basin 26-Mar, 9:11PM
Lower Rendezvous Pass 2 31-Mar, 9:09PM
Lynns Closed
Rendezvous Basin 31-Mar, 8:58PM
Rendezvous Hut 17-Mar, 8:36PM
Rendezvous Pass 2 31-Mar, 8:11PM
Sick Joke Hill 16-Mar, 9:58PM
Upper Fawn Creek Closed
1 day 2 days 3 days