Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
By Pass 15-Jan
Centennial 15-Jan
Finnegan's Bluff Loop 0 16-Jan
Finnegan's Loop Bluff 0 16-Jan
Horse Trail 0 16-Jan
Meadow 16-Jan
Meadow Trail 0 16-Jan
Moose Pasture 15-Jan
Mussers 0 16-Jan
Roy's Cut 0 16-Jan
Snow Bird 16-Jan
Spruce 15-Jan
Trap Line 15-Jan
Double Scotch 15-Jan
Jackrabbit 15-Jan
K-2 15-Jan
Landsem 15-Jan
Lower Cardiac 15-Jan
Roller Coaster 15-Jan
Cardiac Arrest 15-Jan
Highlander 15-Jan
K-1 15-Jan
Screwdriver 14-Jan

Tuesday January 16th - The temp is currently -7C with no wind and cloudy skies. The main trails were groomed yesterday and reports are the skiing is just great. We received a skiff of snow overnight which dusted all the trees adding to the serenity on the trails. Come on out and explore our great variety of trails accommodating all levels of skier. Night skiing runs from 5pm to lights out at 10pm. The cost for night skiing is only $5ea. A great time to come with the whole family or try skiing for the first time. A fire is always going in the lodge daily to welcome all skiers. A Big Shout Out to the volunteers and participants for the weekend's races. It was a tremendous success and great experience to build upon for all! Have a great day! - Terri

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING PARKING - Parking is not allowed at any time in front of the homes leading away from the Nordic Center parking lot. Please do not park on either side of the road in this area as two emergency vehicles must have room to pass each other going in opposite directions. This is a no parking area. The City of Kimberley has begun monitoring this area more closely and may begin ticketing and/or towing in the near future.

Angela and the kiosk ladies!

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