Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
By Pass 14-Dec
Centennial 14-Dec
Finnegan's Bluff Loop 0 03-Dec
Finnegan's Loop Bluff 0 03-Dec
Horse Trail 0 03-Dec
Meadow 14-Dec
Meadow Trail 0 03-Dec
Moose Pasture 09-Dec
Mussers 0 03-Dec
Roy's Cut 0 03-Dec
Snow Bird 13-Dec
Spruce 14-Dec
Trap Line 13-Dec
Double Scotch 09-Dec
Jackrabbit 14-Dec
K-2 08-Dec
Landsem 13-Dec
Lower Cardiac 14-Dec
Roller Coaster 13-Dec
Cardiac Arrest 01-Dec
Highlander 14-Dec
K-1 14-Dec
Screwdriver 08-Dec

Thursday, December 14th: Good Afternoon Skiers!!! It is beautiful and calm day with the temperature presently sitting at -8 degrees (12:30pm). We have lost the sunny skies of yesterday however the trails remain a winter wonderland. 11:15am UPDATE:: The big Groomer just completed grooming the trails so look for some truly great skiing! There are thin patches on the trails and some areas are hard packed so please use caution until we get the snow we need for really great skiing. Early morning reports from skiers indicate great conditions! As usual a fire is going in the lodge and hot beverages are laid out for your choosing. We have a new LIVE weather station. Readings such as temp. winds and humidity can be viewed via a link on the KNC website or from a small monitor on the desk in the lodge. Another addition is the new transaction machine allowing for debit card purchases. We really are on the move to make your total ski experience easy and fun.

I invite you to experience the beauty and serenity as you ski our many great trails. As one gentleman commented this morning, "It sure is pretty!"

Comments this Week: "Another amazing day" And Mount Baker Secondary School were here for a half day for "Outdoor Education" A Special Welcome to all of our school participants!

NOTE:- Don't forget to check out our new live web cam located outside the front of the lodge. Don't forget about night skiing as an option with the loop lit all 7 nights of the week! And the lodge is open until 9pm as well. A real deal at only $5 after 5 pm /per person!!! The Jack Rabbit and Masters Programs have begun and are now in their 2nd week. Tickets are now available for the Gourmet Ski coming up in February.....Check out their Facebook page!

The Kiosk is open daily from 9 to 5 for pass and membership purchases. Gift purchases continue to be a hit! So we welcome you to the Kimberley Nordic Club! And don't forget to show us your pass on the way by the Kiosk. It is very much appreciated! Have a truly Great Day! Kristine

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