Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
By Pass 08-Apr
Centennial 09-Apr
Finnegan's Bluff Loop 0 03-Apr
Finnegan's Loop Bluff 0 03-Apr
Horse Trail 0 03-Apr
Meadow 09-Apr
Meadow Trail 0 03-Apr
Moose Pasture 09-Apr
Mussers 0 03-Apr
Roy's Cut 0 03-Apr
Snow Bird 09-Apr
Spruce 09-Apr
Trap Line 09-Apr
Double Scotch 09-Apr
Jackrabbit 08-Apr
K-2 09-Apr
Landsem 09-Apr
Lower Cardiac 08-Apr
Roller Coaster 09-Apr
Cardiac Arrest 01-Apr
Highlander 08-Apr
K-1 03-Apr
Screwdriver 08-Apr

October 12th.. heavy frost.,.snow is coming ! Trails are being improved and some new trails are being added ! On line registration for memberships now available go to Zone4 -Kimberley Nordic or go to Kimberley Nordic and click the link!! see you soon! Angela- Comment last updated: Oct-12 11AM

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