Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
By Pass 15-Nov
Centennial 15-Nov
Finnegan's Bluff Loop 0 13-Apr
Horse Trail 0 13-Apr
Meadow 13-Apr
Meadow Trail 0 13-Apr
Moose Pasture 12-Apr
Mussers 0 13-Apr
Roy's Cut 0 13-Apr
Snow Bird 15-Nov
Spruce 15-Nov
The Glenn 0 13-Apr
Trap Line 15-Nov
Double Scotch 12-Apr
Jackrabbit 15-Nov
K-2 12-Apr
Landsem 15-Nov
Lower Cardiac 12-Apr
Roller Coaster 12-Apr
Cardiac Arrest 12-Apr
Highlander 12-Apr
K-1 15-Nov
Screwdriver 12-Apr
Upper Landsem 15-Nov

Sun Nov 18-18 Hello and Welcome! We are not officially open yet due to lack of snow but the roller has been out to pack the snow we do have and skiers have been coming out for a ski .... stretching those muscles once again! Keep in mind that conditions are less than ideal so Rock skis, a positive attitude, and trail awareness will get you around !! We are asking walkers and dogs to no longer use the trails and skiing is by donation at this time.. The kiosk will be open Saturday and Sundays 10- to 2 for the month of November for you to come and get seasons passes.. come say hi to me!! Early bird rates apply for memberships until November 30th/18 Angela - the kiosk lady !- Comment last updated: Nov-18 11AM

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