Kelowna Nordic

Kelowna Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
Beaver Run 17-Mar
Ernie's Lane 20-Mar
Jackrabbit 20-Mar
Log Cabin 20-Mar
Meadow 20-Mar
Riverside Connector 20-Mar
Sawmill 18-Mar
Sawmill Connector 11-Mar
That Damn Trail 20-Mar
Thunder Mountain 20-Mar
Backcountry 20-Mar
Backcountry Connector 20-Mar
Diamond Dave's 20-Mar
Fletcher Challenge 20-Mar
Hawk Hill 15-Mar
JDS Energy Trail 17-Mar
K-9 Trail 20-Mar
Kallis Creek 18-Mar
Lookout 18-Mar
Lower Meadow 20-Mar
Mochi's Trail 20-Mar
Ol' 33 20-Mar
Old Cedar Trail 20-Mar
Olympic 17-Mar
Riverside 20-Mar
Spruce Glen 15-Mar
Upper Meadow 20-Mar
Black Beauty Closed
Panorama Closed
Rollercoaster 20-Mar

Tuesday March 20th -6C Cloudy A few molecules of hydrogen combined with oxygen and dusted some trails. Grooming well. Will be fast and smooth for skate. Classic skiers may find the odd shallow track but overall OK. Skiers from other clubs who lose articles of clothing due to skiing at speeds they are not used to, may collect them from the cabin later. Next groom likely Friday after 20cm (predicted) snow. Roads good..

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