Caledonia Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
Gravel Pit 16-Jan, 8AM 09-Jan, 8AM
Greenway Corridor 16-Jan, 10AM 09-Jan, 8AM
Iceman 16-Jan, 7AM 09-Jan, 8AM
Para-Nordic 16-Jan, 7AM 09-Jan, 8AM
Penalty Loop 16-Jan, 8AM 09-Jan, 6AM
Pine Flats 16-Jan, 7AM 11-Jan, 11AM
Stadium 16-Jan, 11AM 09-Jan, 8AM
Tigger 09-Jan, 7AM 09-Jan, 7AM
Bullseye 16-Jan, 7AM 09-Jan, 8AM
Canada Cup 16-Jan, 12PM -
Fingers 16-Jan, 6AM 09-Jan, 7AM
Hickory Wing 16-Jan, 10AM 13-Jan, 11AM
Homecoming 15-Jan, 7AM 06-Jan, 7AM
Iceman Cutoff 16-Jan, 10AM 11-Jan, 10AM
Northern Lights 16-Jan, 7AM 09-Jan, 1PM
Pond Cutoff 16-Jan, 11AM 09-Jan, 1PM
Race Maze 15-Jan, 7AM 11-Jan, 10AM
Roller Coaster 16-Jan, 8AM 08-Jan, 8AM
Supersprint 16-Jan, 5AM 09-Jan, 8AM
Teardrop 16-Jan, 6AM 09-Jan, 7AM
The Hub 15-Jan, 7AM 09-Jan, 1PM
Up The Creek 16-Jan, 10AM 13-Jan, 11AM
Chute 16-Jan, 8AM 11-Jan, 10AM
Cranbrook Climb 16-Jan, 12PM 13-Jan, 9AM
Eh Climb 16-Jan, 8AM 11-Jan, 10AM
Fir Thur Up The Creek 16-Jan, 9AM 13-Jan, 11AM
Hickory Wing West 15-Jan, 10AM 11-Jan, 11AM
High Five 16-Jan, 11AM 11-Jan, 10AM
Inner 5 16-Jan, 8AM 13-Jan, 9AM
Junior National 15-Jan, 10AM 02-Jan, 8AM
Lynx 16-Jan, 1PM 02-Jan, 8AM
Night Rider 16-Jan, 8AM 09-Jan, 1PM
Old Sawmill Loop 16-Jan, 12PM 13-Jan, 10AM
Dog Trails Last
Dog On It 16-Jan, 5AM 14-Jan, 6AM
Under Dog 16-Jan, 6AM 14-Jan, 6AM
Dog Bypass 16-Jan, 6AM 14-Jan, 6AM
Top Dog 16-Jan, 6AM 14-Jan, 6AM

Skate lanes groomed, classic tracks are rough in areas. We're anxious for the forecast new snow to be able to reset classic tracks. Let's hope the forecast of rain actually comes as snow.

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