West Bragg Creek

West Bragg Creek Grooming Report

Cross Country Ski Trails Last
Bunny Loop 07-Apr 03-Apr
Crystal Line - East 10-Apr 06-Apr
Crystal Line - Middle 03-Apr 03-Apr
Crystal Line - West 10-Apr 08-Apr
Crystal Link #1 15-Mar 09-Mar
Crystal Link #2 15-Mar 09-Mar
Crystal Link #3 03-Apr 03-Apr
Crystal Link #4 03-Apr 03-Apr
Elbow - North 06-Apr 06-Apr
Elbow - South 23-Mar 23-Feb
Hostel Loop 03-Apr 03-Apr
Hostel Meadow 23-Mar 23-Mar
Iron Springs 06-Apr 06-Apr
Loggers Loop 10-Apr 08-Apr
Moose Connector 06-Apr 06-Apr
Moose Loop 06-Apr 06-Apr
Mountain View 06-Apr 06-Apr
Mountain View West 09-Mar 09-Mar
Sundog Loop - East 06-Apr 06-Apr
Sundog Loop - West 08-Apr 06-Apr
Multi-Use Trails Last
Iron Creek 23-Mar 23-Mar
Mountain Road 10-Apr 06-Apr
Mountain Road West 07-Apr 06-Apr
Telephone Loop 24-Mar 24-Mar

Sunday, April 15, 2018 Grooming operations are officially finished for the season. Use trails at your own risk. Conditions will be extremely varied over the next few weeks until all the snow is gone. Thanks for a great season! Happy trails! jth - Comment last updated: Apr-15 7PM

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