Black Jack Grooming Report

Hanna Creek Biathlon Area Last
Biathlon Loop 22-Apr, 7:56PM
Tall Timbers 0 21-Apr, 8:11AM
Biathlon Connector 22-Apr, 8:11PM
George's Trail 21-Apr, 8:11AM
Neptune Creek 22-Apr, 8:06PM
Bullseye 21-Apr, 8:11AM
Extra Round 21-Apr, 8:06AM
Trigger 21-Apr, 8:01AM
Black Jack Main Trail System Last
Gibbard's 22-Apr, 8:16PM
Golden Queen 14-Apr, 9:53AM
Richie's Loop (Dog Loop) 2 Closed
Roger's Route - Aqueduct (classic only) 0 Closed
Boomer 14-Apr, 8:53AM
Expresso 06-Apr, 8:11AM
Fisher's Loop 15-Apr, 6:34AM
Gold Hill 15-Apr, 10:06AM
Hemlock Closed
Jeldness 15-Apr, 9:26AM
Loggers Closed
Morning Star 15-Apr, 6:44AM
Mugwump Closed
Pipeline 15-Apr, 6:39AM
Terrain Park Trail 10-Apr, 7:34AM
Tim's Trail 15-Apr, 10:11AM
Beaver Pond Hill 29-Dec, 8:30AM
Copper Jack Closed
Ophir Closed
Rawhide 14-Apr, 8:58AM
Spitzee Closed
Tramway 14-Apr, 9:08AM

April 20, 2018 - Gibbards and Biathlon were groomed on April 19th. The GPS didn't work. Next expected grooming - April 21st.

April 18 2018 Grooming is now done by volunteers. Ethan has undertaken to groom every other day. The plan is to groom with ginzu (skidoo) only and save money. (We had a long season and put a lot of hours on the snowcats). Please skaters: come early and avoid skiing when the trails are soft. It is almost impossible to fix the trails with the ginzu when deep ruts are left behind. If we play it right some great skiing still can be had.

Aqueduct; Hemlock; Loggers; Mugwump/Spitzee; Ohir & Dog Loop - All closed for the season.

Comments: The Kiosk is closed as of April 2, 2018.Trail fees still apply Please use the self-pay envelopes in the big red mailbox by the kiosk. Please refer to the GPS grooming map below and other references such as BC Highway Cam for Strawberry Pass for Biathlon conditions and the Red Mountain website weather report or Environment Canada to estimate Trail Head conditions.

To arrange Rentals - please contact 250-231-9502

PLEASE NOTE: If the information on the grooming map and the trail list on the left do not correspond, consider the map to be accurate.

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