Black Jack Grooming Report

Hanna Creek Biathlon Area Last
Biathlon Loop 23-Apr, 8AM
Tall Timbers 0 23-Apr, 7AM
Biathlon Connector 23-Apr, 8AM
George's Trail 23-Apr, 7AM
Neptune Creek 23-Apr, 7AM
Bullseye 23-Apr, 7AM
Extra Round 23-Apr, 7AM
Trigger 23-Apr, 7AM
Black Jack Main Trail System Last
Gibbard's 23-Apr, 8AM
Golden Queen 15-Apr, 8AM
Richie's Loop (Dog Loop) 2 Closed
Roger's Route - Aqueduct (classic only) 0 03-Apr, 7PM
Boomer 23-Apr, 8AM
Expresso 22-Apr, 8AM
Fisher's Loop 17-Apr, 8AM
Gold Hill 15-Apr, 8AM
Hemlock Closed
Jeldness 23-Apr, 8AM
Loggers Closed
Morning Star 15-Apr, 8AM
Mugwump Closed
Pipeline 15-Apr, 8AM
Terrain Park Trail 01-Apr, 6AM
Tim's Trail 15-Apr, 8AM
Beaver Pond Hill Closed
Copper Jack Closed
Ophir 09-Apr, 6AM
Rawhide 16-Apr, 8AM
Spitzee Closed
Tramway 15-Apr, 6AM

Temperature: 6 C at 12:000 pm. April 14-2017

"Conditions" Below zero nightime temperatures continue to support excellent conditions on the open trails. Grooming will continue until April 17th or until late-season conditions indicate otherwise. We have an excellent base this season so expect the trails to last! Conditions at the Biathlon Trails are expected to be the best over the next week or so.

It is recommended to ski early in the day to take advantage of firm snow.

Hemlock, Loggers, Ophir and the Dog loop are Closed.

Comments: Please Note* As of April 3rd the Kiosk is closed for this Season. Day Use Fees still apply. Non-members can use the self-pay option at the Trailhead.

Mugwump and Spitzee will be closed for the remainder of the season because of logging.- Comment last updated: Apr-14 12PM

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